New Sod: What is the Return on Your Investment?

If you were wondering what long term benefits a new sod installation might reap, you have come to the right place. The return on your investment in new sod comes in the form of enjoyment and the resale value of your home. George Woerner, CEO of Woerner Farms, said “The sod is what beautifies yourContinue reading “New Sod: What is the Return on Your Investment?”

How Can We Protect “Mother” Earth?

As I reflect on my mom and my grandmothers, I am thankful for their role in my life and the high expectations they had for me. Those women were tough and still are. However, I now have a sign in my room that states, “I have officially become my mother.” I hear my mother andContinue reading “How Can We Protect “Mother” Earth?”

Dying Grass and How to Save it

Is your grass slowly dying? If so, it might be a good time to invest in a soil test before it’s too late. Dead grass is not only visually unpleasant, but it will also lead to soil erosion. Grass serves to hold your soil in place, and without it, your soil will erode over time,Continue reading “Dying Grass and How to Save it”

Hidden Potential in Dead Leaves

I am driving back and forth to school, and I see large bags all over the roadway that are filled with leaves. I asked my 10-year old daughter if she knew why people should rake and bag leaves, and her simple reply was, “Your lawn looks better.” Her answer is exactly why most people rakeContinue reading “Hidden Potential in Dead Leaves”

The Care of Centipede Lawns in Mid-Summer

With the first half of the year already behind us, the question that’s on most people’s mind is “How do I keep my centipede lawn looking good for the rest of the year?” Centipede lawns are what most consider to be a “lazy man’s grass.” To keep it “healthy” is the most important thing thatContinue reading “The Care of Centipede Lawns in Mid-Summer”

Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer

For years I thought the Dog Days of Summer were the days that were too hoteven for your farm yard dog to be left outside. My childhood Dog Days werewhen the days were the longest and the heat was the strongest and even thosehot Alabama days would cause my dog, Thumper, to seek shelter underContinue reading “Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer”

Foley, AL based AgriTech Corp. Announces Appointment of Greg Fehr as National Sales Manager:

Foley, Alabama – June 9, 2020 – AgriTech Corp announced today that it has appointed Greg Fehr as its new National Sales Manager. As part of AgriTech, Fehr will manage sales of SoilKit, a lab-based soil testing program for homeowners and landscapers which provides retailers with a valuable tool for increasing fertilizer sales, establishing professionalContinue reading “Foley, AL based AgriTech Corp. Announces Appointment of Greg Fehr as National Sales Manager:”

What Does the USDA Recommend For Soil Testing and Why?

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends that home and property owners conduct a professional, scientific, lab-based test of their soil annually. This should be done before application of fertilizers and soil amendments. Soil testing and scientific based treatment recommendations assure proper application of nutrients. At AgriTech Corp., the leading provider of automated easy-to-use soilContinue reading “What Does the USDA Recommend For Soil Testing and Why?”