How Labor Shortages Are Impacting The Landscaping Industry

Labor shortage: an epidemic plaguing the nation and affecting all industries, especially the landscaping industry. SoilKit spoke with Jess Burg the founder of Outgrow your Garage, a company that provides business expertise for those involved with the trades, and former owner of Pears to Perennials, a landscaping company, to hear her insights into the impactContinue reading “How Labor Shortages Are Impacting The Landscaping Industry”

Spring, A New Season Has Arrived

Sunday was the first day of spring, and quite honestly it felt so much different from it has in years passed. Why? I think it is because we are now returning to our pre-COVID activities and back to the business of life.  As much as I complained about shelter-in-place and restrictions, I will forever appreciateContinue reading “Spring, A New Season Has Arrived”

Get to Know SoilKit Sales Representative Miller Kinstley

One of my earliest childhood memories takes me back to a small 20’X50’ vegetable garden on the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. I can still remember my legs covered in dirt as I ran the bucket on my Tonka backhoe toy to dig the holes that my brother would fill with seed. “You two are suchContinue reading “Get to Know SoilKit Sales Representative Miller Kinstley”

Purple Martins

I am not going to miss the scout this year. I want to attract my first group of Purple Martins. I grew up with my Mom always preparing for her Purple Martins. Now, to be a bit biased, I grew up in Elberta, Alabama, and we lived very close to the Gulf of Mexico. TheContinue reading “Purple Martins”

Soil Temperatures & Importance of Timing Pre-Emergents

A pre-emergent is a herbicide that is intended to prevent weeds before they have the chance to start developing. Weeds begin to germinate at soil temperatures around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so it is key that you apply the first pre-emergent when your soil has consistently reached 55 degrees; making the best time of year for application in the Fall and Spring. 

Christmas Tree Disposal

The New Year’s resolutions have been made and new gardens have been planned but what to do with that lovely Christmas tree that is turning brown and losing needles in the corner of the family room?  The SoilKit® office chose to take our office tree out to the 256 Woerner family farm and placed theContinue reading “Christmas Tree Disposal”

Saying goodbye to the year of the Sunflower 2021

We are saying goodbye to the year of the sunflower. What is my favorite flower? A sunflower. The National Garden Bureau has established 2021 as the year of the sunflower. My brother, Allen, planted a field of sunflowers this year on our 256 Farm. We got to enjoy watching the beautiful flowers grow. I alsoContinue reading “Saying goodbye to the year of the Sunflower 2021”

Christmastime Blog

What do you buy for someone that has everything?  The buzz right now is all about the at-home tests–identifying problems or searching for an answer with easy-to-use, scientific tests.  You can find a COVID test, a food sensitivity test, an ancestry test…. But what about a test that unlocks answers about your lawn or garden? Continue reading “Christmastime Blog”

Fertilizers with Nitrogen: How to Read the Label

Why is the “Apply nitrogen when turf is actively growing” disclaimer so important?  There is a disclaimer that is found on most, if not all, fertilizers containing nitrogen.  Have you noticed?  “Apply nitrogen when turf is actively growing.” Let’s talk about why this disclaimer is on the bag and what it means.  The first ofContinue reading “Fertilizers with Nitrogen: How to Read the Label”

How to Use Your Grass Clippings

Has your freshly mowed lawn left behind a messy array of grass clippings? Well instead of trashing these pesky blades, or leaving them scattered across your lawn — although this actually proves to be beneficial (more on this later) — there are many practical ways you can benefit from this detritus. Recycling grass clippings isContinue reading “How to Use Your Grass Clippings”