Earth Day: All Year Long

What is Earth Day and what does it mean today? Earth Day 2021 is Thursday, April 22. The theme this year is “Restore the Earth.” If this year’s theme is “Restore the Earth,” it must mean that somewhere along the way – our actions have harmed the Earth. To me, this is the day weContinue reading “Earth Day: All Year Long”

Victory Gardening

We have seen a huge surge in gardening during the pandemic. They called it “Victory Gardening.” The expression was originally coined during World Wars I and II, when Americans had to ration food. Therefore, to preserve the food and tin supply for troops and to boost morale, the US government encouraged the population to growContinue reading “Victory Gardening”

Woman Owned Certification

AgriTech Corp. announces they are now a Woman Owned Certified AlabamaCompany. Current CEO and shareholder, Christina Woerner McInnis, has joinedher sisters, Angela Woerner and Kimberly Woerner Bailey and their mother,Janice Woerner, as majority holding shareholders in AgriTech Corp.AgriTech Corp. is an agricultural-based software company that was founded onfarming principles and knowledge and married to complexContinue reading “Woman Owned Certification”

Working Remotely and Time at Home Not sure about you all but I am getting a lot of unexpected time at home and I amenjoying the bird singing, the crape myrtles blooming and getting the chance toget outside with the kids and get my yard spring ready. When I started the social distancing quarantine, myContinue reading