Seasonal “Overseeding” Explained

Confession: I don’t overseed my lawn in the winter, but I absolutely love to see a green, lush yard in the middle of winter. It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that warm season grasses can still be green in the dormant season. Nevertheless, when I dropped my kids off at school the other day,Continue reading “Seasonal “Overseeding” Explained”

Palisades Zoysia: Prepare For Dropping Temperatures

Enjoy your Palisades Zoysia lawn in the fall and prepare it for winter. This year I got to meet and speak to a lot of my neighbors. Our neighborhood was filled with families walking their children up and down the streets during the spring months. If you were like the millions of people that workedContinue reading “Palisades Zoysia: Prepare For Dropping Temperatures”

Is Your Dog Destroying Your Lawn?

Our four-legged friends steal our hearts, but they sure can wreak havoc on a yard and outdoor living space. Yellow patches, holes and damaged flower gardens are common problems dog owners deal with every day. Fortunately, there are solutions that don’t involve keeping your rambunctious pup indoors. Your Dog’s Restroom When it comes to fecalContinue reading “Is Your Dog Destroying Your Lawn?”

Is Overwatering Killing Your Grass?

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Over the last week I have received numerous pictures of the same story….yellow spots in the lawns. My first question is, “How often and when do you water your lawn?” When the response is “everyday” during a period of long hot and wet days,Continue reading “Is Overwatering Killing Your Grass?”

Potassium and Phosphorus Deficiency

I get pictures of people’s lawns all the time. Now that we are in June, I knew I would start getting pictures of those lawns struggling to green up. Dormancy was clearly no longer the explanation. How did I know? The grass on the right was existing grass and the grass on the left wasContinue reading “Potassium and Phosphorus Deficiency”

Florida’s Palm Tree Problem

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has spent nearly $28 million on landscaping along the new I-4 Ultimate roadway system. “FDOT is aware of the dead trees and blames the dirt,” according to I-4 Ultimate spokesman Dave Parks. I wonder what the baseline soil samples were? Did the project even include a baseline soil sample?Continue reading “Florida’s Palm Tree Problem”

Grass Needs Sleep?

Every homeowner who has a lawn or garden, is a farmer. Farmers should know that every lawn needs food and nutrients, or fertilizer, water, sun and…..SLEEP. Take a look at the grass plot below. This Palisades Zoysia is planted in a common area in Orange Beach, Alabama. A passerby would not notice something that isContinue reading “Grass Needs Sleep?”

Why SoilKit is Different Than the Extension Office

Quite often when we pitch SoilKit to garden centers, farm co-ops and landscapers, we encounter the question, “why should we sell SoilKit when the county extension office does soil testing at a cheaper price?” This objection is easily overcome by comparing the benefits of SoilKit to the traditional testing done by state university extension offices,Continue reading “Why SoilKit is Different Than the Extension Office”

SoilKit: Nitrogen

Nitrogen Element in Soil Testing At AgriTech, we are often asked why we don’t test for nitrogen in our SoilKit™ testing program. It is obvious to even the lay agronomist that nitrogen is the first and heaviest element in a fertilizer analysis, and it’s probably the most important. Its value should be a major concern whenContinue reading “SoilKit: Nitrogen”

70 percent of homeowners reported dissatisfaction in a recent national survey. Start the solution where the problem begins: in the soil. The USDA recommends that you conduct an annual soil sample to allow for detection of soil quality and changes. SoilKit™ has simplified this complicated process in a way that customers can easily and quickly conduct a soil sample and understand the results.