High pH and its Effects on Your Plants

If your soil is in the alkaline range, you might need to seek help. Alkaline, or basic, is defined as any value on the pH scale (0-14) above a neutral of 7.0. Most alkaline soils are found in the western United States, where the pH of these soils can get as high as 10.0. AContinue reading “High pH and its Effects on Your Plants”

Low pH and its Effects on Your Plants

Is your soil acidic? Although this might sound bad, in some cases, it is actually what is best for your plant. Whether you are just a beginner, a seasoned professional, or farming for fun, understanding your soil’s pH is crucial to growing a healthy lawn or garden. If you find that your soil’s pH isContinue reading “Low pH and its Effects on Your Plants”

The Importance of Pre-Emergents and Weed Prevention

As the air warms up and we transition to springtime, you may notice some weeds beginning to “spring” up in your lawn. A pre-emergent herbicide is the most efficient way to rid your lawn of pesky weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides allow the weed to germinate but attach to it before it emerges. Once the cap rootContinue reading “The Importance of Pre-Emergents and Weed Prevention”

The Ins and Outs of Dormant Grass

Most people might think that brown grass equals dead grass, but this is not always true. The grass might just be dormant and quite the opposite of dead! Dormant grass is grass that is not actively growing. Although it might not be growing, the grass itself is still alive and ready for the next season.Continue reading “The Ins and Outs of Dormant Grass”

Treating an Abundance or Deficiency of Phosphorus

If you are shopping for fertilizer, you will see three numbers on the bag, N-P-K, which stands for Nitrogen (N) – Phosphorus (P) – Potassium (K). What is the secret recipe for the right fertilizer combination for your lawn or garden this year? There is no way to know unless you take a soil sampleContinue reading “Treating an Abundance or Deficiency of Phosphorus”

All About Organic Matter

I get a lot of questions about organic matter. What is it? Why do I need to monitor my organic matter levels? What is a good result and what is bad result? What do I do if my results are bad? Let’s begin by defining organic matter. According to the USDA, “Soil organic matter (SOM)Continue reading “All About Organic Matter”

Seasonal “Overseeding” Explained

Confession: I don’t overseed my lawn in the winter, but I absolutely love to see a green, lush yard in the middle of winter. It gives me the warm fuzzy feeling that warm season grasses can still be green in the dormant season. Nevertheless, when I dropped my kids off at school the other day,Continue reading “Seasonal “Overseeding” Explained”

Palisades Zoysia: Prepare For Dropping Temperatures

Enjoy your Palisades Zoysia lawn in the fall and prepare it for winter. This year I got to meet and speak to a lot of my neighbors. Our neighborhood was filled with families walking their children up and down the streets during the spring months. If you were like the millions of people that workedContinue reading “Palisades Zoysia: Prepare For Dropping Temperatures”

Fall Soil Sampling Considerations

There is a division in fall soils between the needs of lawns and those of winter gardens. Lawns want to be like a bear and gather specific nutrition before hibernation and dormancy. For gardeners and farmers growing crops in the fall and winter, soils want to feast on fertile growing conditions and GROW. Most peopleContinue reading “Fall Soil Sampling Considerations”

Composting – A Tremendous Benefit to the DIY Homeowner

Composting is defined as the decomposition or decay of organic waste materials like leaves, grass trimmings, kitchen scraps, sawdust and even shredded paper and cardboard. Composted materials are a great environmental response to household wastes that would normally go to a landfill and convert them to an environmentally and economically friendly amendment to feed yourContinue reading “Composting – A Tremendous Benefit to the DIY Homeowner”