Christmastime Blog

What do you buy for someone that has everything?  The buzz right now is all about the at-home tests–identifying problems or searching for an answer with easy-to-use, scientific tests.  You can find a COVID test, a food sensitivity test, an ancestry test…. But what about a test that unlocks answers about your lawn or garden?  If the hard-to-shop-for someone on your Christmas list has a lawn or garden, SoilKit is here to end your gift search. Whether they’re an avid outdoor gardener with a green thumb or have a lawn needing a little extra love, they need a soil test. It is the most important purchase they will do for the lawn and garden health and it most likely is the one thing they haven’t done this year!  A soil sample is a great idea for a Christmas gift!  

Traditionally soil testing has been cumbersome and intimidating – SoilKit, our lab-based soil test, has simplified the pain points and marries the science results to product answers that can be found in the marketplace.  Not to mention, with fertilizer prices rising and misuse & abuse of nutrient products becoming, this test points you to the right product and the right amount.  No more wasting time and money on the wrong fertilizers and no wash-off into our precious community watersheds. 

Ready to get started? It’s simple.  Purchase a SoilKit from your local garden center, Lowe’s or at  Give it away!  When your benefactor receives the gift, they will register the kit and experience the simple process but the exciting premium features.  SoilKit provides geolocation to select where you are and satellite imagery of the selected area to help calculate the square feet.  The user will select their crop and registration is complete. A collection video will follow and all that remains is the dirt!  Put the soil in the included brown bag then place it in the pre-paid mailer.  Raise the red flag at the mailbox or scan the QR code on the mailer and request a free USPS package pickup.  

When the results post, there is a shopping list that can link the user right back to a garden center, Lowe’s, or online with exact product brands and amount of how much to buy!  And what is even better, the winter is a great time to plan how to take care of the soil to prepare for the spring.  

It’s a simple idea, but with powerful answers.  Dig underneath to know your soil story.