How JubileeScape makes smart recommendations using SoilKit

One landscaper in Alabama asks every homeowner to use SoilKit before they ever touch their lawn – here’s why. Our friends at JubileeScape perform landscaping services for commercial and residential clients all over the Gulf Coast. When it comes to attracting business from new homeowners, they use SoilKit to help find hot leads in new neighborhoods. 

Here’s how: JubileeScape delivers dozens of SoilKits to the doorstep of homes in their operating market, along with information on their residential services. Potential customers send in their soil for testing using SoilKit’s simple, prepaid collection through the mail, and SoilKit provides JubileeScape with the results of each home’s analysis. Landscaper passes the results on to each homeowner, beginning the sales process.

With the science on their side, JubileeScape can build a personalized soil fertility program for every homeowner’s specific needs – and with digestible nutrient reports, it’s easy to build a compelling sales pitch while educating customers on soil chemistry. 

Does it work? Here’s what Gulf and Eastern Shore area account manager Bryant Traylor has to say:

“I don’t think we’ll ever do another soil test without using the SoilKit.”

Bryant Traylor – Gulf and Eastern Shore Area Account Manager, JubileeScape

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