Foley, AL based AgriTech Corp. Announces Appointment of Greg Fehr as National Sales Manager:

Foley, Alabama – June 9, 2020 – AgriTech Corp announced today that it has appointed Greg Fehr as its new National Sales Manager. As part of AgriTech, Fehr will manage sales of SoilKit, a lab-based soil testing program for homeowners and landscapers which provides retailers with a valuable tool for increasing fertilizer sales, establishing professional credibility with their customers, and helping them to achieve exceptional results in their gardening and landscaping projects.

“Greg brings experience, enthusiasm and expertise in the lawn and garden industry to our team,” said the AgriTech Corp. CEO Christina Woerner McInnis. “We’re thrilled to have him join our team and help us share the professional soil testing available to the home market.”

Fehr entered the industry years ago with the introduction of Tetra Pond, and most recently served as VP of Sales for GTX Turf Farms LP/Grotrax. While working in supply-side roles for much of his career, Fehr also owned two Do It Best Corp. hardware stores in Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA. 

“My experience as both a supplier and a retailer gives me a real world perspective of win/win partnerships,” said Fehr. “Retailers are bombarded non-stop with interruptions and obstacles. Moving the needle with new products or programs is rarely easy.”

SoilKit by AgriTech Corp. is a tool to increase fertilizer sales and establish professional credibility with consumers.  It empowers homeowners and landscapers to obtain lab-based soil tests that produce robust, easy-to-read reports. SoilKit calculates and recommends fertilizer and nutrients based on test results and the products you carry. Because it recommends only what the soil needs, SoilKit also helps environmental stewardship, protecting forests and waterways from unnecessary fertilizer applications.  Farmers know the value of soil testing before fertilizing. SoilKit brings this opportunity and benefits to the lawn and garden industry, homeowners and landscapers.