Woman Owned Certification

AgriTech Corp. announces they are now a Woman Owned Certified Alabama
Company. Current CEO and shareholder, Christina Woerner McInnis, has joined
her sisters, Angela Woerner and Kimberly Woerner Bailey and their mother,
Janice Woerner, as majority holding shareholders in AgriTech Corp.
AgriTech Corp. is an agricultural-based software company that was founded on
farming principles and knowledge and married to complex software. The
platform, called SoilKit™, addresses a major pain point in the marketplace: the
fact that nearly 70% of homeowners are dissatisfied with their lawn or garden.
SoilKit™ is a DIY laboratory-based soil sample testing platform that connects
homeowners to a soil health report. This woman owned classification resulted
from a very detailed qualification and certification process. It is anticipated that
this certification will help AgriTech expand its growth in several of its markets
including the municipal space.