Why SoilKit is Different Than the Extension Office

Quite often when we pitch SoilKit to garden centers, farm co-ops and landscapers, we encounter the question, “why should we sell SoilKit when the county extension office does soil testing at a cheaper price?” This objection is easily overcome by comparing the benefits of SoilKit to the traditional testing done by state university extension offices, as seen below:

• The turnaround time from mailing the sample to obtaining your results online from SoilKit is 7-10 days, while the extension office may take over a month. The homeowner may be past his time of need if testing takes this long. SoilKit also offers 24/7 service and advice on test results after the sale by simply calling 877-SOILKIT or emailing info@soilkit.com. Then, the local dealer or landscaper can use SoilKit’s results, resources and agricultural experiences to make instant experts of their associates.

• Test results from the extension office are generic and difficult for the homeowner to understand. SoilKit’s recommendations are customized by location and brand to the fertilizer products dealers carry, so that fulfillment of nutrient needs are quick and easy for the homeowner.

• Transactional value is a major metric contributing to the profitability of garden centers, farm co-ops and landscape supply stores. Post-sale, SoilKit test results and customer contact information is shared with local dealers. The local dealers can use this information to drive customers back to their stores up to four times per season. Add-ons like watering equipment, spreaders, sprayers and gloves can also be recommended by store associates. This results in an increased number of transactions by customers and increased transactional value. We have dealer testimonials that say fertilizer sales alone have increased 150% by selling the right product for the right application, at the right time, using SoilKit. If the dealer sends the customer to the extension office, he loses this opportunity for shared information and sale of the test. Additionally, the homeowner will be directed to purchase the exact amount of fertilizer (which is often underestimated due to poor estimates of treatment area).

• SoilKit customers can use our satellite imagery to determine the exact square footage of the area they want to treat. This function provides for accurate fertility recommendations by SoilKit as opposed to the user’s guesswork on square footage reported to the extension office.

It’s important to choose four areas that best represent your lawn, from the front, side, and backyard.

• SoilKit is an environmentally friendly product, in that it reduces over-application of elements like nitrogen and phosphorus that can run off into our estuaries and cause damage to marine animals, plant life, and foster the growth of harmful organisms like Red Tide.

SoilKit uses its abilities and resources to provide a seamless, valuable soil testing process. Although the extension office can offer similar services, SoilKit’s benefits are unmatched. SoilKit is the quickest and easiest path to a healthy lawn.