Revitalizing Your Yard

SoilKit™ Diagnoses and Advises

The SoilKit™ team had the opportunity to write a guest publication for Sod Solutions. Below are the highlights from the article!

“Are you having a problem with your lawn or garden? If so, you are not alone as up to 70 percent of homeowners reported dissatisfaction in a recent national survey. Start the solution where the problem begins: in the soil. The USDA recommends that you conduct an annual soil sample to allow for detection of soil quality and changes. SoilKit™ has simplified this complicated process in a way that customers can easily and quickly conduct a soil sample and understand the results.

The lawn or garden that you see on the surface is always a product of the soil in which it grows. If the soil is nutrient balanced with proper fertility, then the lawn will be healthy and beautiful. To assure nutrient balance, correct fertility application and proper pH range, you should perform an annual professional soil test as a base for corrective action in  soil chemistry and provide the environment for optimal plant health. Annual soil testing is advocated by the US Department of Agriculture. SoilKit™ recommendations also eliminate the over-application of nutrients that can cause damage to our environment.

SoilKit™ performs this service for the homeowner with an inexpensive, user-friendly and quick soil test system, providing easy-to-understand recommendations for correcting soil and nutrient deficiencies. The analysis is done by a leading national laboratory and the recommendations are ready in seven to 10 days. The lab tests for pH and includes the amount of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, boron, zinc, manganese and iron in the soil. These are presented in a low, medium, adequate and high graphic range analysis to support the recommendations for corrective nutrient action by the homeowner. Most importantly, the recommendations are tailored to your location, time of year, size of lawn or garden, type of crop or grass and presented in precise product and quantity recommendations.

SoilKit™ is easy to use. Simply follow the directions on the bag and on our SoilKit™ website:

  1. Register your kit on
  2. Collect soil from four areas of your lawn or garden and place it in the test bag.
  3. Mail in the sample bag in the postage-paid mailer.
  4. Our leading national agricultural lab will test your soil with in-depth analysis.
  5. Results are easy to understand and recommendations are delivered to you in your dashboard via email.
  6. Take your report back to the store and know that you will return home with exactly what your lawn needs without more chemicals that might damage your lawn or the environment.

In discussing home sales, professional realtors always tout location and curb appeal as major contributors to a highly sellable home. While it is difficult to do anything about location, maintaining a healthy lawn is doable by the homeowner and will certainly add curb appeal and value to the home.”

To read the entire article; click here.